Ikkat Handlooms


Pochampally - village in Telangana  has made it to UNESCO tentative list of world heritage sites under the "iconic saree weaving clusters of India". The weaving here is carried out in Pochampally, Sripuram, Chuigottala, Koyalgudam, Chowtuppal and Galteppala and other villages that are situated closeby. Pochampally represents a prestigious weaving tradition of Telangana. The fabric is marketed today through a cooperative society, other related organizations as well as the master weavers and the business houses which are located in Pochampally.

Designs are worked out usually on graph paper before the actual weaving process begins at the Pochampally handlooms. The natural movement during the process of weaving gives the Ikat designs a form of feathered edge, which is indeed a highlight of this technique. Pochampally handlooms are widely known for the durability of the colours that are used in the yarn.