Brass Oil Lamps


The Artistic Brassware of Pembarthi, Warangal district is said to be as old as the Kakatiya Dynasty, which ruled Telangana 600 years back. During the period of the Kakatiya rule sheet metal workmanship adorned the statues and chariots. With temples proliferating in the Kakatiya kingdom the craft expanded to sheet metal decorations of the Pillars, Roof, Sanctum Sanctorum, Vahanams & Chariots and the Entry gates of temples. The decline of the Kakatiya kingdom put the craftsmen in the back seat. After successive waves of muslim rule, the Pembarthi sheet metal art acquired strikingly beautiful secular overtones. During the period of the Nizam the craftsmen switched to making articles of home decoration – Pan dhans, Ithar pots ,plant pots, vases, water pots (gangallams), Lamp shades, Panels, Ashta lakshmi Kalashams, Marriage tambalams, Wall plates and Mementoes. Scenes from puranas are commonly featured on Pembarthi brass art work. The distinctive Pembarthi Peacocks and Swans are popular among local and overseas buyers. The Design is drawn on a paper sheet and the sheet is pasted on the brass sheet and chiselled. After the basic carving the paper sheet is removed and further fine carvings are done by hammering the sheet with different shape and sizes of chisels. The sheet is then cleaned with ash powder and the depth of the embossing is done. The embossed pieces are later welded together, washed with acid and brushed with tamarind water giving the article the shine. After washing the article is filed to smoothen the edges and buffed to give shine and lustre. The craft has been Registered under GI.