Nirmal Paintings and Furniture

Nirmal town and the district headquarters in northern part of Telangana state needs no introduction, for its unique identity in the arena of arts and crafts. The reputation of the artisans and craftsmen of Nirmal town is legendary, right from the pre-independence days.

Nirmal works were influenced by the Indian Schools of Art like Kangra, Ajanta as well as Mughal miniatures. The evolution of the Nirmal art and craft is traced back to the Kakatiya era. It is said that once the Nizam of Hyderabad was accorded a grand welcome when he visited Nirmal. The artisans decorated the venue and the seat of the Nizam in a very grand manner with an intricately designed banana bud which was believed to have been suspended over the Nizam’s seat. This was unfurled while there was a cascade of golden petals showered on him. This led to the Nizam patronizing the artisans, after being impressed by their skill.

Over the last few decades, Nirmal work has been evolving in order to cater to new demands from the customers. One such exclusive arena apart from Nirmal paintings and toys is the Nirmal painted furniture, which is popular all over for its shine and exquisite sheen.

Nirmal painted furniture therefore represents the fine quality furniture and it received Geographical Indication rights in the year 2009. It is a unique form of hand-made wooden furniture, painted beautifully before they are offered for customers.

The artisans of the region combine artistry in painting with great skills in woodcraft and they produce a variety of household and also office furnishings that lends aesthetic appeal to the surroundings. These include decorative Rajasthani and French style soft-sets, partition screens, rocking chair, chowkis, pen holders, wooden platforms, Pooja mandapams, trollies etc. These are highly appealing and represent a unique set of furniture and decorative items, truly reflecting the artistic and creative spirit of the artisans and furniture makers of Nirmal town. The skilled workers are the pride of Telangana, with Nirmal painted furniture being an all-time favourite for those looking for artistically made furniture sets to grace the living spaces.

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