Rosewood in general refers to the richly hued timbers, which is often brownish with darker veins. All the authentic rosewoods belong to the genus Dalbergia, especially the species called Dalbergia nigra, popularly known as "Brazilian rosewood", or "Bahia rosewood". This form of wood is known for its strong, sweet smell, which lasts even for many years, one of the reasons why it is very popular. The wood is harvested for wood craft and it carries fragrance and is dense grain near the core, while the external sapwood is often soft and porous. Dalbergia is a large genus but only about a dozen species fetch rosewood. A renowned, classic rosewood is derived from Dalbergia latifolia, commonly known as the Indian rosewood and this species is native to India and some parts of South Asia. There are many reasons why rosewoods are preferred. The wood is strong and heavy, it retains excellent polish, and is considered ideal for making guitars, recorders, turnery, furniture, handles, luxury flooring, and furniture etc. The presence of coarse grains along with the shiny and smooth texture, makes it very attractive when compared to other wood with artificial polish. The wood has a uniform texture and the color ranges from orange, yellow-red to deep purple colors with black bar. The sawdust of Rosewood, produces a flowery aroma. A clear knock on the wood produces a crisp sound, without any unnecessary noise. There are many among us, who share a taste for exclusive furniture, which is unique and attractive and this is one of the reasons why Rosewood has a special place in the world of wooden handicrafts and furniture. It is not uncommon to see Rosewood furniture on display in art museums, royal palaces and galleries, which is a testimony to the value of Rosewood and its popular appeal. There are wide range of items, created using Rosewood and the astounding varieties, makes this a collector’s delight. There are many art collectors, with a hobby of collecting Rosewood artifacts, as it has a special charm of its own. The intricate rosewood inlay work, to create attractive and amazing range of furniture, shows a remarkable refinement of workmanship. If you share a desire to look for something unique in terms of woodcraft, then Rosewood is a highly sought-after wood form that can satisfy your taste. Wood has always been an important source for creating attractive artifacts, furniture and other items of ornamental & decorative as well as utility value. Rosewood is one such variety, which is quite popular, among buyers and art collectors for its special properties and unique qualities.

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